What’s Wrong With People?

What’s wrong with people? This seems to be the theme of most social media posts this past week. Most of these posts are in response to the recent law in New York that basically says a baby has no rights until it makes it outside of the womb. Even though that baby could come at any point after 21 weeks and be viable, you can take its little life in a horrible and painful way. The kicker for most people is that in New York you cannot get the death penalty no matter how horrific your crime. So, an innocent baby can be killed but that serial killer that chopped people into to little pieces and had them for dinner gets to live? What? That doesn’t even make any sense! So, we are outraged. We are sickened. We are angry. We are on a posting frenzy of all the pro-life websites we can find with all the incredibly compelling stories we can find.

Several years ago, my oldest son and I had a conversation about how we have never had our minds changed by someone’s angry rant or social media post. NEVER. It doesn’t work. It is ineffective, but yet we are compelled. Why? Because we want “them” to know. “Them” being anyone that is not with us, right? So who is “them”? To figure that out we must first establish who “we” are?

“We”, for the most part, are the ever shrinking population of believers. We believe Christ died on the cross, was buried, and rose again to life. We believe that church is essential to having a good week. We believe the Word of God is not only true, but holds life giving principals that need to be studied(usually with friends and food!). We believe that small groups were created for us to do life together and have accountability(whether in Sunday school or at someone’s home). We wonder what ever happened to training union? Like… did someone decide that studying God’s word together once a week was the absolute limit? (Another blog post for another day…) “We” are believers.

So… What IS wrong with people? I grew up spending every Sunday, Wednesday, jubilee, Vacation Bible School, revival, and dinner on the ground at my church. I was taught that God is good and life is valuable and we should be kind and we should love and we should abide by ten specific rules(just kidding… there are over 300 rules, right? yet again… another blog for another day). Do “we” really expect “them” to think and respond the same way we do to every issue when, for the most part, “they” have no idea who God is or what the Bible says? They have not attended church regularly and never studied the Word of God and never been to revival in July in Alabama when the preacher is talking about hell and the humidity is at least 110% with the temp at 104.

What’s wrong with them you ask? Friend. Can I gently suggest that “We” could be part of what’s wrong with them? Christians not acting like Christ could be what is wrong with “them”.

  • Romans 10:14- How will they know if you do not tell them?
  • In Matthew 7:7-11, Whatever you ask(in accordance with God’s will) will be done. (Mark 11:24, James 4:3, John 14:13-14, Philippians 4:6-8)
  • James 14:26(14-26), Faith without works is dead.
  • Matthew 28:19-20, Go… Teaching them… making disciples…in all nations

What would happen if we change our question? What if we ask, what is wrong with us? Instead of posting our scripture or rants or whatever, maybe we could grab some real face time with someone that doesn’t know God. Perhaps, we could share what God has done for us. Perhaps, we could share God’s story with them. Perhaps, there would be change in the world.  Much Love peeps! scripturepicture


So I Won An Irma…

Just in case you do not speak LulaRoe… An Irma is the most fantastic shirt and it is manufactured by a home based business company, LulaRoe. If you have not experienced LulaRoe yet, do it. Do it soon. Do it Now! You get to look super cute with fun patterns, but feel like you are wearing your jammies! Image result for irma lularoe

So, I won an Irma…

My introduction to LulaRoe  came from my sweet friend, Tana. She and her friend, Angela began to sell LulaRoe last fall sometime. I had no idea what it was, but wanted to support my friend. So, I volunteered to host a pop- up party at my home. Tana and Angela came to my home with bag after bag of comfy cute clothes that little did I know I was about to be completely obsessed with!

I began to join facebook group after facebook group. Every time there was a contest for free LLR, I entered. I won a pair of leggings and that added fuel to my fire! I was so excited!

One day, I came across another friend of mine, Meg, that had a LLR business. She had a contest and you had to tell how you thought your friends might describe you. I was completely uncomfortable with the question. I have a very hard time seeing the good or positive in myself. There are many reasons for my struggles with self-image and some of those include others negative comments infiltrating my mind. These comments and other things left me feeling “less than”. I seem to have a constant feeling of not being good enough or maybe that people just don’t like me. BUT, Meg was offering a free IRMA to the winner of the post! An Irma was the best prize I had seen offered anywhere. I had to enter.

I sat for at least 30 minutes trying to think of descriptors of myself that would be positive, true and not boastful. After all,  no one wants a debbie downer on a LLR post. So, I couldn’t write what I really felt or better yet feared that some might say about me. Silly, that was the first thing that I could think of positive. I’m not 100% sure what else I said, but it was something to the effect of I love love and pink.

After about a week, Meg tagged me in a post. I eagerly clicked to see what I had been tagged in and much to my surprise it was an announcement that I had won an Irma! I quickly posted, “Shut up! I feel like I should give a speech or something. Thank you!” My friend, Kellie posted a congrats post and then Meg posted, “ That’s why everybody loves you! You are too funny! You’re welcome!”

I froze. My heart sank. A tear welled in my eye. I couldn’t believe it.  Did she say everybody loved me? Had she not heard that not many people loved me? Had she not heard that I was “less than”? And at that moment with tears stinging in my eyes, I began to realize God decided to reveal to me through a free Irma from a sweet friend that I was loved by more than Him. My sweet friend, Meg, has no idea (well until now if she reads this post) what a huge impact her 3 sentence response had on my soul. It was food for my soul. It was much needed words. It lifted my spirit and reminded me how lucky I am to be surrounded by women that will speak life into me when needed.

The moral of the story is not “everybody loves me”. It’s also not “winning is everything”. The point to this crazy post is that God is the provider of our everything…. even a silly girl’s need to feel loved.  

God alone is the provider of affirmations of love, acceptance, self-worth, and purpose. When we begin to look in other places, we are left feeling “less than”. This was a punch in the gut for me as I realized that some of the things I believed about myself were not true.

1 John 1 tells us that God is love. He loves me and you just the way he created us. He can choose anyway to reveal that love for us… even an Irma!


For your Reflection:

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

1 John 4:7

1 John 3:16-18

John 3:16